A Touring assembly is a group of older or interesting cars that follow an easy route around beautiful countryside.

Touring assemblies are all about enjoying your cars and the beautiful countryside and roads with like minded people stopping along the way for meal halts.

What you need

Your car: Road-legal at least 20 years old
Tyres: Road tyres
Driving Licence required?: Required
Competition Licence required?: Not required
Double Entries allowed?: No
Passengers?: Optional, several if you wish
Surface: Public Road
Minimum age: 17

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How it works

A touring assembly is a non-competitive road event which is designed for people to enjoy the company of other like-minded souls and their (sometimes Historic) cars. Scenic Tours take you to attractive parts of the country for a drive through the country. There is enough time to view the scenery, and see all those stunning views that rally crews miss. Route finding is generally easy; a road book of directions is usually provided. Enjoy the company of other enthusiasts at the refreshment halts, and at start and finish venues. A competition licence is not required. Events are open to vehicles of 20 years or over – although some younger more interesting cars may be eligible. There is no competition: normal road cars and normal insurance is usually sufficient