A Navigational Exercises & Night Navs is best described as a treasure hunt against a time schedule at a set speed.

Navigational Exercises & Night Navs are a contest of navigational skill on the public road that emphasise map reading and navigating skills rather than speed or power. 

What you need

Your car: Road-legal (e.g. taxed, insured and MOT’d)
Tyres: Road tyres
Driving Licence required?: Yes
Competition Licence required?: RS Clubman
Double Entries allowed?: No
Passengers?: Required to navigate (Minimum Age 12)
Surface: Public Roads
Minimum age: 14 to Navigate

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How it works


A NavEx is held on public roads for a maximum of 12 cars. The two Competitors (Driver and Navigator) solve navigational clues to find the correct route. They are checked to see that they comply with the exact route by collecting passage check code boards. They are also timed against a schedule that they will get penalised if they are early or late. These events are held in the evening over about 50 miles and they last about 3 hours. Virtually any standard car is quite suitable.

Navigational training (formal or informal) is given regularly

Night Navs

Night Navs are less than 20 miles, with 2 hours time allowed (meaning an average speed of less than 10mph). However, in that time there will be a number of map references to plot to find the correct route. Marks are given for each codeboard correctly recorded.

Participants need not be members of the club, but any under age person (less than 18 years) must be driven by their parent/guardian.